Pastor Harvey “Chip” Rice, Jr.


Saying Something Worth Hearing

 Pastor Chip (as he is affectionately called by Maranatha’s members) is the son of Bishop Harvey and Mrs. Sadie Victoria Rice of the Mt. Calvary Holy Church of America, Inc.  The New Jersey natives moved to Salisbury, NC when Pastor Rice was a small child and there he was educated in the Salisbury City School System.  Upon high school graduation, Pastor Chip attended North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, and eventually decided to make Greensboro his home.  

 While attending A&T, Chip became a party DJ and got involved in some nefarious businesses, which caused him to leave school for a season.  After a brief stint as a ‘street pharmacist’, Chip met a group of guys at work who re-introduced him to Jesus Christ and showed him that living saved was not only do-able, but practical and fun.  So, on a Wednesday night in August of 1992, Chip gave his life to Christ.  After receiving salvation, Pastor Chip, with the blessing of his father and mother, joined Evangel Fellowship and became actively involved in ministry under the further tutelage of the late Bishop Otis Lockett Sr.  Since that time, Pastor Rice has graduated from NC A&T with a degree in Communications and has completed a Doctorate of Divinity from Master’s International School of Divinity.  Dr. Rice has also authored the book, “The Cup: What They Probably Didn’t Tell You About Salvation”.  He is a widely sought after Speaker and Master of Ceremonies.  He facilitates seminars such as The Purpose of Music, The Principles of the Sheep Dog, and the wildly popular Things You Should Know Before You Take Off Your Underwear.  Pastor Chip is also the award-winning host of WNAA’s First Light Program that can be heard across the Triad and around the world at  His goal is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a fun yet dynamic and relevant way.

Pastor Rice is the husband of Mrs. Thursday Brown Rice,  his wife since 1999.  He is the father of two wonderful children, Jasmine and Ethan.